About the project

In this prototype, the player can walk into a lot of different area's without stepping outside of the VR bounderies giving an illusion that the playspace is much bigger. This is a really comfortable VR experience since the VR player has to physically move around. Furthermore the game uses an Entanglement gun which makes it possible to link 2 objects together and have them share their movement and rotation.

Name Function
Kyle Michiels VR Controls / Entanglement System

What did I do on this project?

On this project I focused mainly on the VR controls and was responsible for a comfortable VR experience even for non VR players. I was also responsible for creating a system that made it possible to link 2 objects together.

What did I learn from this project?

The biggest take away I got from this project was how to make it so that when 2 objects are linked together, one will follow the other resulting in broken physics behaviour. I learned how to solve and prevent this while keeping the standard engine physics behaviours intact.

Additional Info

Play tested by a Dutch game studio, received praise for making non euclidean level design within 3 weeks.


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The Netherlands