About the project

In this On-Rails shooter the player controls a space ship, which moves through the level by itself. It is a seated VR experience. The player can control's position in a 2D space. The cockpit itself is stationary creating a comfortable VR experience. The cockpit has multiple joysticks which need to be physically grabbed to either steer the ship or to control the ship's turrets.

Name Function
Kyle Michiels VR Controls / AI System / Upgrade System / Economy System / Weapon Systems

What did I do on this project?

I was the one and only developer on this project and created a VR Control base, once this was completed I followed up by creating weapon systems continued by enemy ships which uses a simplefied AI behaviour tree. Followed up by an ingame shop and upgrade system.

What did I learn from this project?

During this project I learned a lot, I learned how to write behaviour trees, I learned more about creating modular systems such as the weapon system and I learned how to create virtual joysticks for VR.

Additional Info

Sadly never released. The biggest project with me as the only developer. Developed within 20 weeks.


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The Netherlands