About the project

Drifters of the waste is a multiplayer game focussed on becoming the best hover ship by collecting scrap. This game is a prototype and was used to proof a concept. This was my first experience with creating a networked game from within Unreal.

Name Function
Kyle Michiels Network Programmer / Vehicle Programmer

What did I do on this project?

I had 2 responsibilities during this project, programming the hover mechanic for the hover vehicle and doing the networking. I never wrote a networked game before and I had to learn quick, Unreal makes it relatively easy to setup networked games.

What did I learn from this project?

I learned how to use physics trust to create a hover vehicle and I learned how to use Unreal's networking API including how to create a dedicated server.

Additional Info

My first networked game. First time I had to compile the Unreal engine from it's source.


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The Netherlands