About the project

In this arcade game the goal is to draw symbols, in the city of Atlantis which you have to sink again! Collect paint by stomping on crabs with paint buckets. But be warned! Once you get paint on your rolling ball, you can't jump anymore unless you clean it off!

Name Function
Kyle Michiels AI Programming / Pattern Recognition

What did I do on this project?

We had a major team with a bunch of technical designers, so me and Jan Kind the only 2 programmers took up the challenge to program a pattern recognition algorithm. We tried 2 different approaches and went with the one that was the most stable and reliable.

What did I learn from this project?

This was my first project were I used C++ Within the Unreal Engine. Prior I only used blueprinting. This was a great project to learn some basics about how to expose functionality from code to the Engine and have designers work with that.

Additional Info

Developed within 5 weeks with a large team, was selected as a featured concept by Design teachers.


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The Netherlands