About the project

In this charming management game, you embody Josephine, a Victorian theatre manager, in her quest to train an eccentric troupe of actors. It's your job to make sure your actors and the stage are ready to put on a perfect show! Train your actors, resolve conflicts, dress up your troupe in costumes, arrange the correct staging and handle everyone's daily tasks! Can you meet the harsh critics' expectations?

Engine Used Unreal Engine 4
Personel 20 People
Development Span 32 Weeks
Released On Steam (Link)

What did I do on this project?

I mainly took on the role as AI Programmer and further more as a system programmer. I wrote the behaviour tree for our actors in game and made sure they only do what they are supposed to do. Futhermore I wrote the ingame quest system, as well the the conflict system a fun system used to boost the stats of your actors.

What did I learn from this project?

I learned a lot more about Unreal, how to do navigation properly and how to setup navmesh agents properly, how to fend off certain areas and how to use area masks. I learned how to use DataAssets and save game files. I learned how to use AI tasks better and how to make a proper options menu

Additional Info

Made entirely by BUas students. With 3 programmers, 6 designers and 11 artists.


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The Netherlands