About the project

Pelts and Crowns is a RTS Tower defense inspired video game. The game start like any other RTS gather resources and train an army. But be ready for incoming waves of enemies!

Name Function
Kyle Michiels Unity Developer
Karen Klaassen 3D Artist
Gijs Schrijvers 3D Artist
Chris Deaton Music Composer
Zach Williams Sound Designer

What did I do on this project?

I was the lead developer on this project. I programmed everything from the unit based system to the basic enemy AI state machine. The only thing I didn't program was the unit mouse selection.

What did I learn from this project?

From this project I learned how to write an state machine, and for the first time I used inheritance in my scripts.

Additional Info

This project was developed within 5 weeks. From concept to finished project. This also was my first project on which I worked with 2 people remotely.


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The Netherlands