About the project

In this game a VR Player must protect his house. While non VR Players try to ram it with their cars! The VR Player can throw stuff at the player to try to make them stop and occasionaly can use a missle as a bonus!

Name Function
Kyle Michiels VR Controls / VR Mechanics
Jens Petter Non VR Controls / Vehicle AI

What did I do on this project?

I worked on the VR part of this project mainly, and also made sure the VR mechanics worked properly. It was quite a lot of fun to play and develop.

What did I learn from this project?

This was the first time I tried to develop a VR game within 48 hours, and it was very stressful but really fun to do. I learned how to develop quite quickly and rapidly test.

Additional Info

Developed for the GGJ 2019 together with one of my best friends Jens Petter.


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The Netherlands