About the project

Tamu Trial is a VR Climbing and Puzzling experience, are you skilled enough to complete the trials and find the Fountain of Youth?

Name Function
Kyle Michiels Unreal Developer
Lisa Vughts 3D Artist
Fenna Engels 2D Artist
Kirsten Heijstek 2D Artist

What did I do on this project?

In the beginning I was the only developer on this project. This project was a collabration between my school and Enversed. They asked us to create a VR experience to display on the Dutch Design Week. Me and 3 other studens were handpicked to form a team and make it happen. I developed some box levels and prototyped with the mechanics. I created all puzzle mechanics.

What did I learn from this project?

From this project I learned how to use the Unreal Engine. Prior to this project I never worked with the Unreal Engine. I couldn't figure out how to use C++ properly within the Unreal Engine. So I turned to Unreal's blueprints and developed the game only using blueprints.

Additional Info

On the very last week a intern from Enversed came to use and intergrated their multiplayer framework in our project. This made it possible for 2 people to play the game together and solve puzzles together. However I did not wrote any of the multiplayer code.


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