About Me

My name is Kyle Michiels, 23 Years old and I love to make games. I've been making games since the age of 12 and haven't stopped since. I have a degree in Game Development aimed at Unity and am currently following a bachelor in Game Programming focussed at raw C++ as well as working with Triple A engines such as Unreal at BUas in Breda.

One my my area's of expertise is VR, another one is being a System Programmer.
I've worked on a lot of different VR projects having to do with: Climbing, Controlling a spaceship, Having a VR Player play against non VR Players localy and dealing with Custom Physics.
I've programmed systems such as: AI Systems with Behaviour Tree's, Networking inside of the Unreal Engine, A custom C++ Game Framework, Inventory Systems, FMod Audio Engine and more to come.

More to Follow

More on the way...


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The Netherlands